Saturday, February 21, 2009

Can anyone translate this correctly !!

Вечер тихой песнею над рекой плывёт,Дальними зарницами светится завод.Где-то поезд катится точками огня,Где-то под рябинушкой парни ждут меня.

Evening silent песнею above the river floats,
Distant summer lightnings shine a factory.
Somewhere the train slides points of fire,
Somewhere under рябинушкой guys wait for me.

Припев:Ой, рябина кудрявая,Белые цветы,Ой, рябина, рябинушка,Что ж взгрустнула ты?

Oh, a mountain ash curly,
White flowers,
Oh, a mountain ash, рябинушка,
What have you got sad?

Лишь гудки певучие смолкнут над водой -Я иду к рябинушке тропкою крутой.Треплет под кудрявою ветер без концаСправа - кудри токаря, слева - кузнеца.

Only hooters melodious will cease above water-
I go to рябинушке тропкою abrupt.
Pulls out under кудрявою a wind endlessly
On the right - curls of the turner, at the left - the smith.

Там, в цеху, короткие встречи - горячи,А сойдёмся вечером - сядем и молчим.Смотрят звёзды летние молча на парней,Но не скажут ясные, кто из них милей...

There, in shop, short meetings - are hot,
And we shall converge in the evening - we shall sit down and it is silent.
Years silently stars look at guys,
But will not tell clear, who from them more lovely...

Укрывает инеем землю добела,Песней журавлиною осень проплыла.Но тропинкой узкою, там же, между гор,Мы втроём к рябинушке ходим до сих пор...

Covers hoarfrost the ground until white,
Song журавлиною the autumn has floated.
But a footpath узкою, in the same place, between mountains,
We three together to рябинушке go till now...

Кто из них желаннее, руку сжать кому -Сердцем растревоженным так и не пойму.Оба парня смелые, оба хороши,Милая рябинушка, сердцу подскажи.

Who from them желаннее to compress a hand to whom-
Heart disturbed and I shall not understand.
Both of the guy courageous, both are good,
The darling рябинушка, to heart prompt.

/Ой, рябина кудрявая,Оба - хороши...Ой, рябина, рябинушка,Сердцу подскажи...-2р./

/oh, a mountain ash curly,
They are are good...
Oh, a mountain ash, рябинушка,
To heart prompt ...-2р./


® الأغانى للرأفتــــانى said...

why the arabic blog by invitation only?

^ H@fSS@^ said...

which arabic blog u mean? name it i have many.

Nobody said...

This is a complete translation. You can remove my previous comments

Evening by/as a quiet song is floating over the river,
The factory shines by distant summer lightnings (zarnizi)
Somewhere a train is rolling on by/as dots of light (fire)
Somewhere under the riabiniushka the guys are waiting for me

*** Zarnizi are not lightnings. They are more like flashes of distant lightnings on the horizon.
*** Riabinushka is a diminutive of riabina. Ushka is a way to call loved ones, children and such.

Ya curly Riabina , (ya) white flowers (of riabina)
Ya Riabina. Ya Riabinushka. Why did you fell so sad?

*** She thinks that riabina leaves are curly like human hair can be. It's a kind of semi poetic, semi psychedelic

Next one:

As soon as melodic hooters (probably sounds of that distant train) fall silent above the water
By a steep pathway I go to the riabinushka
Under the curly (riabinushka) the wind is playing without end
with curls of the tuner to the right, with curls of the smith to the left

*** Basically there are two guys. They have got a love triangle over there

Next one is more difficult to translate, but it's basically like this:

Short meetings in the factory are hot (it's as if she is seeing them in separate at work)
However, as we come together at evenings (after work), we are just sitting and keep silent
The stars of summer (nights) are looking (examining) silently at the two guys
But the bright ones (stars) don't suggest to me who of the two is more lovely (nicer)

*** In short, she can't decide who to choose and the stars are of no help either

Frost covers the ground until it's white,
By/as a crane's ( bird species) song the autumn has floated past (over)
But by the same narrow footpath between mountains,
All three of us still keep coming to the riabinushka till now...

*** Winter is approaching but they are still stuck with this routine of meeting at riabina
*** Russian winters are ferocious, You will find it hard to persist in such a habit when it's minus 30 outside

Who of them is more desired? Whose hand I should take?
My disturbed heart still can't find the answer
Both guys and brave and handsome
Ya Riabina, ya habibti. Tell me (what to do)

*** Russians have a tendency to get themselves into all kinds of impossible situations and dilemmas
*** Russian women are also a kind of indecisive
*** When these two factors are present, don't expect a happy end

Ya Riabina. Ya curly. Both are handsome
Ya Riabina. Ya Riabinushka. Tell my heart (what to to/who to choose)

Aardvark EF-111B said...

Nobody, ....

i can't express my gratitude, for months i am crazed by the song & the music keep playing in my head

Nobody said...

You are welcome, bro. You always are. Just a small correction. Russian word "milii" does not have connotations of sexy or physically attractive of the words handsome and such. It's more like lovely. It's beautiful and nice person merged into one. It's a kind of nice beauty, beauty that reflects the niceness of a person.

Also "But the bright ones (stars) don't suggest to me who of the two is more lovely (nicer)" is probably more like "don't tell me who of them I like more".

Another thing is "Who of them is more desired?" Though the word is indeed "desired" but again it has no connotations that the word desired has for some people. Traditional Russian love songs usually don't have the kind of physical or sexual aspect love songs may have in other cultures. It's not about passion. It's entirely sentimental.