Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The SuperChange


^ H@fSS@^ said...

macain, over my dead body even if am not allowed to vote, but stil obama is not the right answer for me, if there is any real politican that shuld win, its simply HILARY, thats a real bitchy politician, and maybe coz she is a real witty woman, not red nick stupid palin.

Aardvark EF-111B said...

how is talking here about politics?? i had a good black nike laughter, that is all

i consider my self a serios candidate to the american presidency than Mccannes, Omama, Pallin, Badyen & hellary altogether !!!

Putin...I Love u!!!

^ H@fSS@^ said...

it is not a place for politics at all, i mean i have my firey blog and ur unorthodox one, but since u braught the subject, cant stop but commenting.
pls reopen ur blog and discuss it in depth there. :)
good luck being a president for the states, make me ur vice, :)

Nani said...

slam alikm
Safsaf , that bitch is nothing good but being a Nazi Jew bitch ‎
now omama had become a mile stone in the American history X and thee (global ‎president), ‎
Right now I'm thinking of 2 stupid things‎
‎-‎ will they keep calling it the white house or change it to the black or the ‎colored house? ‎
‎-‎ How the FBI, CIA, FTA & all dumb initials will fabricate omamas ‎assassination!‎
Would it be JFK style or 9 sleven style ‎
And of course they will blame us for it‎
Do you think that after what I had said our blog is being on the black list ‎
‎: ) ‎

^ H@fSS@^ said...

wohooo, nani is here, nani is here, first time the three of us gather in one place, i call this the first official administration meeting to be held. (too lazy to book ur agendas)

to answer ur question about our blog, i would say leave it to time only, it will tell if we r blacklisted or not, or shall i say, whitelisted since black is a good thing now that omama own, heheee.

Nani said...

Oh My God
i laughed my ass off
white list
time will tell safsaf time will tell