Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I never Knew..about the little things

Have you heard the new?
Bad things come in twos
But i never knew
'Bout the little things.
Every single daythings get in my way.
Someone has to pay for the little things.
And I'm through with (disguise ?)
and I'm sick of my shoes and the walking and the talking it's got nothing to do with the final solution it's a box full of tricksand
I'm through with repairs when there's nothing to fix(when there's nothing to fix)x2And it all comes down to you.
Let the headlines wait
armies hesitate.
I can deal with fate
but not the little things.
Armageddon may arrive any day.
I can't get away
from the little things.
With (my violent curse ?) and abucket of tears i could look at the sunlight and I'd feel no fear.
With a mountain of maybes and some (icarus) wingsand I'm honored delusions and one little thing.(and that one little thing)x2And it all comes down to you.
Have you heard the news?
Bad things come in twos.
But i never knew'Bout the little things
Every single day
things get in my way.
Someone has to pay
for the little things.


HafSSa said...

for soem reason am not able to see or open or have any idea about the clip, whos singing??


Aardvark EF-111B said...

Danny Elfman [Wanted-The Sound Track]

Nobody said...

I was sure that you've got at least bits of Arabic music here. But it's only Western stuff. Do you like Arabic music at all, ef-111b? You live in Kuwait, right?

Aardvark EF-111B said...

other than shaking butts, what else to care about in the modern arabic music?

Nobody said...

This I can't know because I am not an insider. That the most vigorous butt shaking is going on all around is hard not to notice, but is is really all that there is to it?

By the way, I remember one post of yours about Mecca or something. Are you a religious person, ef-111b?

Aardvark EF-111B said...
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Nobody said...

Ok. I have it. You'd better to remove it before the spammers put their hands on it.